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 bring in your idea's or we can give you some from things we've make in the past.


The Design Process

step 1: Call and make a complimentary appointment with one of our Jewellers

step 2:Sit down with our Jewellers and discuss your concept and different options

step 3: Approve the final concept and have a wax model of the approved concept design made

step 4: Have the wax model produced as a finished fine jewellery piece

step 5 Pick up your finished fine jewellery piece

Note:   We provide a picture of the piece and and Insurance document report.  with each order.


elkstooth  Idea    modified   Finished Ring 

 finished pieces we've made for customers



Buying a Diamond from a Brick-and-Mortar Retailer

If you want to personally touch and inspect several diamonds, a trip to the nearest diamond retailer is all you need.  Here’s your chance to improve/ learn about the 4C ‘s

 of buying diamonds, you do get to walk away from the store with your purchase in hand—either you are buying regular inventory or get special goods into preview .

 You have full control and will be satisfied with your diamond(s), finished piece.  You can see what your getting in advance.  Happiness is built in.  Buyer’s remorse is minimized.

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