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Repairs - Karat Gold, Silver, Platinum Group

We have for 47 years specialized in repairs of all kinds darren

from simple chain soldering to extensive rebuilding of multi-stone rings.

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Making a bangle bracelet from customers gold.


Melo fix bangle

we tackle a job , most Jewellers passed on.   fixing a broken arm on a stone set sterling bangle bracelet.

results.:   A.M writes   : Thank you so much for repairing my bracelet!! Several jewlers refused to repair it and I thought I would never be able to wear it again. I am a very happy gal!!

hudson use

replacing shanks on a Engagement ring/wedding ring set.

Oslund jewelers is the best place to have any repairs or resizing done locally, they provided excellent customer service and advice. My rings look beautiful and were resized perfectly in a very short time.

I highly recommend their services. They do not have a show case but will order any piece from catalogs if you're looking for something new.



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130 yrs of service

Shelagh — 5 star

I had a very special diamond and tanzanite ring that Oslund Jewelry took care of for me.

I was confident that it was in good hands and the service was outstanding. I received it

back promptly and fixed to perfection! I highly recommend there services for

ANY of your Jewelry needs....Dec 3rd, 2014







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